Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another Successful Transfer Day

I may get around to writing about today's activities and I may not. It was a typically extremely eventful day, but also loooong! It's 9 and we just got home. The day started with 8 am orientation at the mission home, back to the office for and hour, pick up the Subway sandwiched, get to the stake center, set up, make punch, cloths, napkins and cups on tables--the usual. The unusual was that we did it in pouring down rain. It's the heaviest rain we've had since arriving in January. We probably broke all the driving in rain rules, but we weren't alone. Sister Wall said she did too-several times. The streets were practically flooding, but it wasn't cold! Oh no. We're just glad everyone arrived safely.

The day ended with our trip to the temple. The Walls are here with our go-homes (left to right): Elder Campbell, Elder Andrews, Elder Larsen, Elder Sun, Elder Smith, Elder Cluff & Elder Asuao. Each transfer gets more difficult as we say good-bye to the missionaries we're getting to know better. This is an outstanding group of young men. "Oh the Places You'll Go!"

OK, I've gotta get some of this down or it just won't happen.
From the go-homes at Transfer Meeting--Their words of wisdom:
Elder Smith--the Atonement is real. I've learned a lot about forgiveness. Your worst enemies can become your best friends.
Elder Sun--Grateful for experiences of the past 2 years. Be happy and find joy in what you do.
Elder Larsen--Have a strong testimony that the person you're sitting next to (companion) needs you and you need them. Companions are here for each other. Also have a testimony of service. Working through 10 days after Hurricane Isaac was the hardest 10 days of my life but the opportunity to serve and help is the best feeling.
Elder Cluff--As you do what Priesthood leaders ask you to do you'll be blessed for your obedience. Find out how to do missionary work in your own way, then do it. Love the people.
Elder Campbell--We have the power to change. We can learn to drop off baggage (like pride) and pick up the good stuff. We can change through the power of the Atonement. Carry the love you have for the people here wherever you go.
Elder Andrews--Transfers are inspired. There's a reason you're together with you companions. If it's not eternal, it doesn't matter. Be an instrument in the hands of God to bring souls to repentance (Alma 29:9) Don't look forward to being where I am (at the pulpit, saying goodbye), but be ready to be where I am.
Elder Asuao--Cherish every moment. Learn to balance your mission--have fun but be a good missionary. President Wall is called of God, by a prophet. He's a good man. Listen to him. Be obedient. It rings blessings into your life.

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