Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Checking the Checklist

Received emails for 5 incoming missionaries (1 August, 1 September, 3 November)
   Print letters from President--check
   Put together incoming packet (be grateful I made 20 last week)--check
   Shut down every program and restart computer so will work--check
   Get packets the basket before mailman comes-barely--check
Finish filling commissary orders--check
Divide Ensigns & Liahonas and pack up for zone leaders--check
Sort mail for transfers (figure out who's going where & hope they & their mail end up in the same    
Do referrals I haven't had time to do since Friday (Yikes!)--check
Enter 3 Baptisms & Confirmations (call elders' whose writing I can't read. Also ask why one sister
   was divorced before she was married)--check
   Enter baptismal information on ward lists and Stake Presidency reports--check
Order name tags--check
Coordinate IROPs with distribution orders--check
Finish prepping incoming (the ones who arrived today) packets--check
   Missionary emails (missionary and parents) ready to be checked/corrected--check
   Support cards--check
   PIN # & instructions on a different paper--check
   Missionary medical card--check
   Labeled 2 Ziplocs for very little emergency bags--check
   2 medical release forms ready to sign--check
Make files for 5 new missionaries (see line 2)--check
Check and refer the new referrals (no time tomorrow)--check
Visit with Elder Perazzo and Elder Sun for 2 minutes--check
Elder Perazzo is from Fallon NV, but he doesn't know Kristin, Heidi's BYU roomie.
Elder Sun will be released Thursday and returns to his home in Tahiti.
Set the night key--check
Lock the files--check
Turn out the lights--check
Lock the door--check
Walk home--check

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