Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Learning a Lesson

A few weeks ago we invited 4 missionaries to dinner for tonight. One of them called this morning and said they'd like to reschedule because they had several dinner appointments this week. Hmm. Isn't that why y'all have planners given to you freely--so you can write your appointments down to prevent conflicts? We don't really have any time next week because of transfers or the following week because the Jordan's will be here!!!! Unfortunately it's not just a matter of putting something on when you get home and serving it up an hour later. This is actually a 3 day procedure. Silly, I know, but I try to make it nice. So, we do the shopping on day one, precook on day two, then company on day three. There's just not time to do it any other day. Now I have 10 lbs of spareribs warming in the crock pot, Arlene's beans ready to go in the oven, a whole watermelon, tons of berries, etc.

Finding someone to eat all the food is never a problem. The office elders readily agreed, although they're helping someone put some shelves together at 5, which means we'll be serving dinner about the time we usually go to bed!

What's the lesson learned? There are a few, but I'll only mention one and leave the rest to your imagination. Don't worry about having food that takes so much time to prepare. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Trust me--I will in the future:)

Sister Lindstrom and Sister Wolf stopped in the office today take care of some business and pick up a few things. Such cuties! And Elder Gillen and Elder Adkins also came by to get a copy of a copy so Elder G could get something notarized. That's kind of a long story, but here's the Reader's Digest version.

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk talking to Elder G and Elder A, 3 digits into texting Elder A's mom for an address, when the phone rang. The call was from someone in Colorado, where Elder G is from, wanting Elder G to get a paper signed and notarized for a business transaction that began a year ago. Now what are the odds that Elder G would be standing right in front of me when that call came in? He shouldn't even have been with Elder A, but they were on exchanges. I tried to be very cool about the call and discretely cover my notes but was pretty sure Elder G was putting 2 and 2 together. Anyway, avoiding the topic of the phone call, I went back to texting Sister Adkins. Three more digits into the text and the phone rang again. This time it was Elder G's mom trying to warn me of the pending phone call. I said, "Oh, from Frankie?" Sister G said, "Oops! Too late." We had a good laugh and hung up. Elder G had no idea I was speaking to his mom, nor did his mom know he was 2 feet away at the time.  Today they came back to bring said document in to be faxed and mailed.

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