Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

LABRM is Growing!

We knew this was going to happen soon but didn't know when. Looks like today! Look at all of our new missionaries! We were notified of 2 yesterday, then 10 more arrived this morning. I was actually working on the whole process until 3 and used up every extra packets I'd made a few weeks ago, but I took advantage of a very quiet workplace and spread everything out in the President's office to make 20 more. President and Sister Wall and the Assistants are on a 3 day away-from-home interview excursion. The office elders had gone to district meeting and lunch, Elders L and F were searching for housing in Oakdale--2 hours from Baton Rouge, and the phone was quiet. Sometimes "alone but not lonely" says it all.

Back to the incomings. We only have 7 coming next week, then our numbers really jump. In the following 2 transfers we, so far, have 43 plus 2 senior couples, but we're only losing about 30. That means more missionaries, more apartments, more cars, more supplies, More Everything! There are so many files in the drawer that I had to fashion a temporary file to manage the overflow.

Looks like President and Sister Hansen will be running full speed ahead out of the starting gate without even having a chance to unpack!

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